Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to checkout Texas Waterfowl Hunter. This site was created to provide a place to showcase all of the amazing duck & goose hunting that happens right here in the great state of Texas. The idea for Texas Waterfowl Hunter was born from two key events in my hunting life:

First, my son thought deer hunting was boring. Like really boring. So we hopped a tank and shot a duck. Game. Over. For both of us.

Then, I was able to sneak in a Canadian Canada goose hunt on the Eastern Shore of Maryland while on a work trip to DC and was blown away by the experience. I was even more blown way to find out you can actually hunt Canada geese here in Texas. Who knew?

As you can already tell I’m no seasoned veteran schooled on the finer points of duck or goose hunting. My calling has been known to spook every duck in the tri-county area and attract skunks to our blind.  I’m bound to write or say something that’s wrong, confusing or just plain dumb but it all comes from a genuine love of everything that waterfowl hunting has to offer.

In my mind waterfowl hunting has it all. Birds that change colors through-out the season, fly to Texas from another country and sometimes sport the jewelry to prove it. Colorful & loud quacking calls that amazingly seem to harness the very power of nature and stop it in its tracks or at least slow it down just long enough. Artfully carved hand painted decoys, or in my case plastic versions of artfully carved decoys, that fool birds into coming a little closer. Amazing dogs that want birds as bad or worse that you do and sometimes they even bring them back to you.  Food & fellowship in the blind. The list goes on. And not to rub it in but here in Texas we don’t even have to suffer through brutally extreme temperatures, although there’s no getting around that zero-dark thirty wake-up call.

I’ve quickly learned that waterfowl hunting is a lifestyle. It changes the way you think, sleep, eat or even drive past a neighborhood pond. But its that passion for always scouting, for looking for what’s next that keeps it exciting and addictive. I hope we can capture even a small bit of that here on our site and share it with you.

Thanks & Happy Hunting,

Miles Sims
Founder &  Chief Skunk Caller
Texas Waterfowl Hunter
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