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If you develop a mind like a duck, you can learn to shift your hunting tactics to match the behavior of the ducks. The ducks need different things as the season progresses. With a little research and understanding, you can learn to think like a duck and transition your tactics as the behavior of the ducks changes. Ducks and geese are highly complex and fascinating members of the avian world. While other birds are more cautious or live in harsher environments, they are not as unpredictable or as transient as ducks and geese.

Just when you think waterfowl are in a reliable activity pattern, hunting pressure changes everything. At other times, large numbers of ducks and geese unexpectedly disappear overnight because of heavy rains or strong cold fronts. In reality, the ducks and geese have simply changed patterns and moved to another location. Solving the mysteries of waterfowl behavior is a never-ending journey for waterfowl hunters, but that is part of the allure and challenge of this sport.

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