For over 20 years Frisco, TX based Avian Arts has been dedicated to providing discriminating bird hunters trophy showpieces that will last for years. As a birds-only studio they are putting out some great looking mounts for hunters not only in Texas but around the country. Avian Arts offers nation-wide service and is even a USDA approved facility for the import of birds taken on trips outside of the USA.

With prices on-par compared to other top quality studios, founder Pat McGruder sums up the Avian Arts core philosophy that sets them apart: “To elevate your avian trophy from a stuffed bird into a work of art and deliver on our deadlines”.   All mounts come with Texas tumbled cedar (driftwood) and the studio can do any type of habitat imaginable, you just have to ask!


To get your bird shipped to Avian Arts its pretty easy. From the website:

“Remove bird from freezer and insulate with 3 to 4 inches of newspaper, (leave in plastic bag), pack in a styrofoam cooler and pack bird inside with more newspaper. Place the cooler into a cardboard box, tape shut tightly and clearly label the contents on the boxes top.

Make sure each bird contained in the shipment has its; own ID tag. An index card may be used for this purpose. The USFWS requires this for possession and transfer across state lines.”

They’ve even posted a quick instructional video on how to pack your bird on their shipping page.

Outside of the usual bird mounts Avian Arts also has some amazing custom bronze works for sale (Texas bound is our favorite of course) and via a partnership with Ramsey Russell of offers exclusive waterfowl hunting trips that guarantee to be bucket-list worthy.

We grabbed a few pics of our favorite mounts to share including an amazing six-bird pintail mount that Pat did just for fun with birds he harvested in Nevada before the move to Texas. One of the biggest & best “in-flight” mounts that we’ve seen. Keep up the great work!